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From May 7th to 9th, 2010, the 6th Beijing International LED Exhibition was held in China International Exhibition Center. HC Lighting Network was one of the invited media of the exhibition and attended the lighting exhibition. At the exhibition site, editors and reporters of HC Lighting Network interviewed some enterprises participating in the exhibition.

Mr. Zheng Weijun, the general manager of Zhejiang Boshang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., accepted our interview at the exhibition.

Zheng Weiwei, General Manager of Zhejiang Boshang Optoelectronics

Reporter: First of all, I would like to thank General Zheng for accepting the interview of HC Lighting Network during his busy schedule. What new products are mainly launched at this exhibition?
Zheng Weiwei: The company's main products are mainly road lighting, landscape lighting products, indoor lighting sources (lighting)

Reporter: That is to say, this time brought the company's three series of products?
Zheng Weiwei: The exhibition was prepared in a hurry and the preparation was not enough, but the main energy-saving lamps were brought.

Reporter: Is Boss specializing in LEDs, or is it other than LEDs? Have you ever had a successful case?
Zheng Weiwei: Boshang Optoelectronics specializes in LED lights. The successful case can not be said to be a major national project, but it is quite well-known at the local level. For example, the longest road lighting in Yuyu City is the product on our website. In terms of landscape lighting, Bo has a very mature technology and strength, and has a certain reputation.

Reporter: It seems that it is a professional household of LED. But at present, because LED is relatively expensive, it is not very acceptable for general indoor lighting or ordinary people's families. What do you think of this?
Zheng Weiwei: I think this is the case. The technology of our landscape lighting products is very mature and the price is moderate. Moreover, LED lighting products really meet the requirements of beautifying the city, but also the real energy saving and environmental protection. For indoor lighting, it needs a process, a change of consumption concept and an industry development trend. LED lights have to really enter every ordinary family, at least three or five years, and now the cost is constantly decreasing, the technology is constantly improving and improving, so the LED indoor lighting market development space is very large.

Reporter: Are the technologies used in the products created by their own research and development? What kind of product planning will there be in the near future?
Zheng Weiwei: Our company is a production-oriented company. It is relatively mature in R&D and production technology. All products are independently researched and developed. The planning of products follows the market, the industry goes, what kind of products customers need, and what products we produce. According to the needs of the consumer groups. Strengthen research and development while continuously reducing costs and producing products that are more acceptable to customers.

Reporter: A little feeling of following the trend, then the main customer base of the company's products? Domestic or foreign?
Zheng Weiwei: We are also vigorously expanding foreign markets. The plan is to open five or five years. But relatively speaking, the domestic market competition is chaotic and the relationship is too complicated. Foreign countries will be better, simple, and the quality is better. And price.

Reporter: Yes, is there any lighting project for Expo this time?
Zheng Weiwei: Bo participated in the Expo, but we don't directly implement the construction, but it is equivalent to outsourcing to others to do related engineering construction.

Reporter: Is the main sales model on Bo is to develop agents? Or a dealer?
Zheng Weiwei: The sales model is mainly to develop agents. Because we are a production company, we develop independently. But the sale of products to end customers is mainly through the development of agents.

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