Which Look Do Not Be Fooled Mobile Power Bank Can Not Buy

Power Bank to a simple consumer goods has become an irreversible fact that people purchase like buying Power Bank cable as usual. Precisely because of this, many manufacturers and brands spotted consumers look for cheap psychology, launched a low-cost low-cost low-end Power Bank products. And these products because of low prices, the appearance of more moderate, is also popular with consumers like.

Can consumers buy, be sure to pay attention to certain aspects, do not be hurt by the low-cost mobile power, buy a home is not the product but the explosive charge. Today, we own the actual purchase and experience, as well as various businesses broke the news to tell consumers what Power Bank can not be bought.

Power Bank

Multi-standard capacity

Currently Power Bank nominal capacity refers to the built-in batteries capacity. Since the energy from the batteries to the circuit board and then the boosted output terminal to the mobile device will not prevent the loss, so the actual usable energy is less than the nominal value is normal here that the multi-standard capacity refers to the electrical Power Bank supply manufacturers core capacity of more standard, intended to meet user demand for high-capacity, increased sales.

The reason did not say "virtual standard" because the virtual object in broad meaning, basically covering different false way mobile power, in order to facilitate the distinction, we use the standard way to refer to multi-vendor multi-standard mobile power batteries in this capacity value.

Power Bank capacity is generally more marked in the lower case of the actual capacity of the batteries will increase the nominal value of the right amount, in order to meet user demand for higher capacity, a common situation is when the product is marked 9000 mA for 10,000 mA when, or mobile power 5600 mA when multiple labeled "rounded" approach 6000 mA when.

Can increase the methodological surface multi-standard capacity capacity value mobile power, which could slightly reduce the cost of users to use, it is less easy to find, generally by no known brands use, so that multi-vendor standard capacity even if they are found, not easy to be a big impact.

Counterfeit Products

Choose big brand Power Bank is correct, but you had better look at the time of purchase, but do not spend a high price to buy inferior quality counterfeit products. Counterfeit mobile power in order to increase sales tend to have lower prices, but in terms of quality and service are not protected.

Counterfeit Power Bank only counterfeit trademark brand products, some businesses will try hard to imitate brand product shape and color, but by limiting the cost of the product, counterfeit mobile power often only a generic product trademarks, not only the quality of the internal batteries varies missing, even such a simple shell member will cut corners, seriously affect the user.

Counterfeit mobile power through cottage brand products to cheat higher prices, but in terms of product safety without any protection, unstable charging output will damage the mobile device, and even the risk of fire and explosion, the user is indeed money to be punished.

Electromechanical split core

Some of the cottage mobile power, it is necessary to achieve capacity but also reduce costs, it is to be used to support the core electrical and mechanical demolition of the scene. As the name suggests, refers to the demolition of the core electrical and mechanical dismantling of waste products have been used, remove the batteries from repeated use of such batteries is used even several flashlight batteries.

Since the batteries charge and discharge has passed, its life and capacity has been affected, again using the more there is no guarantee. To further reduce costs, cottage manufacturers use multi-core electrical and mechanical demolition cheaper

Electromechanical split core course cheap, but its hidden harm should not be underestimated. Demolition of the core mechanical and electrical capacity of less than the nominal value, the cycle life will be far less than the life of the new batteries, the heat can not be guaranteed in the cottage mobile power use, more easily lead to fire and other accidents.

Using electromechanical split core mobile power may see no problem in the initial use, but a sharp decline in the use of its capacity will vary over time, often in order to identify problems After a replacement, and warranty period, this time at the expense of consumption is the person.

Simply not core electricity

You just know they can dismantle the core mechanical and electrical batteries false to reduce the cost of mobile power, but do not know your business as well as creative ways to deceive consumers. If the previous methods do not meet the requirements of the cottage manufacturers profits, then simply no electricity cottage mobile power core is the ultimate pit father Dafa.

Many consumers in the choice of mobile power when the blind pursuit of high-capacity, which gives the cottage manufacturers the opportunity. In the online store, mobile power 200,000, 500,000 or even 1 million mA when after another, but also for the manufacturers of the ultimate Dafa foreshadowed.

Common brand mobile power 2500 mAh batteries weighs approximately 45 grams, the mobile power 100,000 mA batteries alone when necessary weight 1.8 kg (3.6 pounds), 1 million mA mobile power when electricity core will have to weigh up to 18 kilograms (36 pounds), together with other components, the overall weight probably will reach a weight of bottled water.

Since so much of the actual capacity of unrealistic, like the pursuit of users and large capacity, the manufacturer will simply die without electricity, moving the internal power supply plus sand, iron, screws and other weighty items, to provide users with a large weight by a kind of "fulfillment", but also there is a business the easy way, simply do not fill the interior space of mobile power, something happens when one million mA direct labeling on the housing.

Power Bank
In short, for those who regardless of product quality, performance or safety of the use of low-quality batteries and dismantle the core mechanical and electrical manufacturers, there is a very serious fraud, not only seriously damaged the vital interests of consumers, but also affects the current the overall development of Power Bank industry. For consumers, in the purchase of Power Bank, we should try to select those good reputation, reasonably priced products, you pay for whatever reason no one understands.

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