[Question] Is the LED light source safe? Let the macaque tell you

Is the LED light source safe? Will long-term use of LED light sources cause teenage myopia? What kind of LED light source helps improve sleep quality? How LED Light Sources Affect Emotions... A project in the “Operational Action” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is using macaques to study the biological effects of LED light sources in an attempt to answer these concerns.


A macaque is undergoing a light test (photo taken on December 10, 2015).


Experimental room under incandescent lighting conditions (photo taken on December 10, 2015).

Responsible for this project is the researcher Hu Xintian, a key laboratory of animal model and human disease mechanism of Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He told reporters that LED light source as a new light source has the characteristics of energy saving, long life and full spectrum, but whether human long-term use is safe or not An unanswered question. The global scientific community has not systematically and long-term research to answer this question.


Researcher Hu Xintian (second from left) and laboratory staff are discussing how to improve the experimental design (photo taken on December 10, 2015).

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