What is the Netcom in the 4G+ era?

We are no stranger to the full Netcom mobile phone. In our impression, it is the network standard that can support the three major operators in China. We don't need to know that it is a mobile version, China Unicom version or a telecom version, because it can support it. At the same time, its price is higher than other versions. However, in the era of 4G+, Qualcomm has a strong definition and a deep accumulation in the field of wireless connectivity.

Not just the full model 4G+ era, how is the Dragon Netcom?

There is a new interpretation of the definition of Netcom

Most of the Netcom that we are talking about now is passed down in the 3G era. In the era of 4G+, we must add new elements to the whole Netcom. Based on Qualcomm's interpretation, Nine Dragons Netcom contains five major aspects. It is also understood that all carrier network standards, ie, all 7 modes (LTE-FDD, TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, EV-DO, CDMA1X, GSM) are supported. In addition, it also includes various dual-card dual-standby combinations that support “blind plugging”, one SKU supports all carrier aggregation band combinations of Chinese operators, and supports full-mode voice, including 20 voice modes and LTE data and voice convergence.

Not just the full model 4G+ era, how is the Dragon Netcom?

Not just the full model 4G+ era, how is the Dragon Netcom?

For the now very common dual-card design, the new Full Netcom can also be solved very well. Users can choose to blindly insert any two 4GSIM cards of the three operators. We can choose any carrier's data master card at any time in the mobile phone system (of course, two telecom cards are still not allowed). In addition, in the 4G+ era, the Opteron processor can support all operators' 4G+ networks, while the uplink and downlink have faster performance.

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