Small Appliances Tips: Secrets of the TV Core

TV "nuclear warfare" has been started in 2013, from dual-core to eight-core, and then to 200-core, and some brands have put middle-, high- and low-end products together with "multi-core" labels. But is this thing really useful to consumers? What are the advantages that the "nuclear war" has shown or brought about? In the end, there is no discussion on this topic.

How exactly is the "nuclear" calculated? Nowadays, in the circle of flat-panel TV counters in home appliance stores, four-core, six-core, or even 200-core TV products can be seen everywhere. First, Xiaobian talks about how these numbers are. Calculated.

TV brands in the early days of the "nuclear war" only involved the CPU and GPU overlay, a dual-core CPU + dual-core GPU TV can be called "four-core TV"; same four-core CPU + 4-core GPU is "eight core TV". Then the emergence of VPU is to help Xiao Bian grow knowledge, this is a function similar to the GPU, for TV picture quality may play some role. Next, Xiaobian first briefly introduced the meaning of the “three PUs” for everyone. The CPU is called the central processor and can effectively increase the speed of the TV; the GPU is called a graphics processor and can enhance the rendering effect of the screen, especially when the dynamic screen is displayed. The VPU is called the Visual Processing Unit. This is the ATI. What the chip maker puts forward is no different from GPU.

Current Status of TV "Nuclear" Analysis The TV brands that promote "nuclear power" are mostly made in China, mainly promoting quad-core, six-core and eight-core products. In the joint venture brand, we can hardly see the promotion concept of eight-core, ten-core, or even 200-core. Xiao Bian chose several typical TV products for comparison. After all, what impact does TV audit have on users' actual use? Let's take a look.

Multi-core TV is useful? Generally we use 4K TV is to look at large movies, browse a web page or send a micro-blog or something, in fact, these functions basically can be achieved with "smart" TV, so simply looking at the chip configuration is not necessary . So CPU, GPU or even VPU is really useful for TV? Xiaobian thinks that it can really enhance the TV performance, but the pure stacking number seems to be a publicity gimmick.

Conclusion 1: The multi-core CPU can improve the overall television operating efficiency, mainly depends on whether the overall architecture of the chip including the CPU can achieve the effect; the GPU can effectively render the image quality and enhance the image processing capability. Big.

Conclusion 2: The number of simple reactors does not make any sense for televisions. It does not mean that televisions with higher numbers of auditors have stronger capabilities in response speed and quality rendering.

Conclusion 3: It is not necessary for users to entanglement TV audits because the main viewing and entertainment functions can be implemented on almost all smart TVs. Even if there is a gap, it will not affect users' use.

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