Smart home control system lets you ground more

Remember the scene in the cartoon “Robot Story”, where people in spaceships need to complete breakfast, housework, entertainment and even more things through automated equipment. In fact, the world in cartoons can also be owned by us. Smart home can help you to dream.

Free lighting control, press a few buttons to adjust the lighting of all rooms, all kinds of dream lights, you can create! The intelligent lighting system has a soft start function that enables the light to become darker and darker; the light modulation lithography achieves the dimming and dimming function, allowing you to share warmth and romance with your family, while having the effect of energy saving and environmental protection; full opening and closing function Easily realize one-touch and one-button full-open functions of lamps and appliances, and have a brightness memory function.

The smart home control system can be easily installed without having to destroy the partition wall and without having to purchase new electrical equipment. The system can be completely connected with the existing electrical equipment in your home, such as lamps, telephones and home appliances. Various appliances and other intelligent subsystems can be controlled at home and fully meet remote control. The smart home system is an expandable system. Initially, your smart home system can only be connected to lighting equipment or currently used electrical equipment. In the future, it can also be connected with other equipment to adapt to new smart living needs.

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