Two thousand seven to build a serious lack of rice party top with I7 quad-core eight-wire 16G memory IPS screen SSD notebook Raiders

The school season has arrived. As a serious deaf party, watching the classmates have already used MBP, X1C, which is a million yuan, as a serious deficient rice party, how to build a personal top match Notebook?

Actually forcing this thing is not suitable for serious deficient rice party. What we need is affordable and a little personality and advanced performance. It meets all needs, spends a small amount of money, and at the same time can get some hands-on ability to improve. Technical party.

Of course I will open a demand:

1, portability, within the size of 13.3.

2, I7 quad-core eight-wire, 16G memory, SSD blessing is a must.

3, IPS screen must be.

4, with strong wireless network performance.

5, the cost can not exceed 3K

Then I will first choose the platform that suits myself. THINKPAD's X series is a good base station, but the CPUs are all BGA soldered and cannot be replaced by CPUs. In addition, the accessories are too expensive to be suitable for the deficient rice party. However, Lenovo's Zhaoyang series K29 is a very good abutment. The reason is as follows:

1, motherboard chipset for the HM77, CPU non-BGA welding can be free to replace, from I7 2XXX to I7 3XXX series of notebook CPU support.

2, dual memory slots are all located on the back, loading memory is very convenient, WIFI card slot and MSATA SSD slot and a SATA6G slot all on the back, equal to open once back cover, you can solve all upgrades at once problem.

3, replace the IPS screen is cheap, do not need to consider the screen line, salted fish has a lot of empty machines with IPS screen and low with the sale of the machine, even if you replace the screen cost is not high, LP125WH2 this series of panels can support, from SLT to SLB series can be used across the board, prices ranging from 1XX-3XX, do not need to replace the screen line. The price of the new Lynx is around 245, and the disassembled screen price is as long as more than 100. Cabbage price.

4, Taobao and salted fish have a large number of used aircraft or low-cost machines with low prices, of course, choose to install the IPS screen machine, and then consider yourself to replace the IPS screen.

The new price of this empty machine 9 is only 885 yuan. Of course, the best is to go to the salty fish show knife, collect a player own DIY IPS back aircraft, the general price is also in the 800-1000 yuan.

The author just went to the empty plane of a K29 IPS screen in the salted fish knife, but the keyboard was worn out.

A surface scratches

D shell out of paint serious

B side and C side also become barely passable

Keyboard is messed up, paint off oil

The disassembly of the K29 is extremely simple. Directly lower the four screws of the D case.

The memory slot is empty, there are two, one idle MASTA slot in the upper right part of the machine.

The fan is already dusty

CPU heat sink is also gray

Remove the radiator directly to remove the four screws to remove the radiator, you can see below the CPU heat sink is a piece of plastic foam pressure on the CPU socket.

Machine with the network card is 2.4G 300M INTEL 1000BGN, I checked the K29 original should be INTEL 2230 network card, it seems that the network card has been the seller dropped the package, anyway, to replace it regardless.

Original Seagate 320G mechanical hard drive

Part group to be replaced

1, I7 3612QM official version of salted fish 850 yuan, choose this CPU because K29 official support the highest to this.

2, K29 original brand new keyboard Tmall 35 yuan

3, Kingston DDR3L 1600 8GBX2 200-10,100-10 Jingdong coupons, one with a, 558 yuan two

4, Kingston SAVAGE HYPER X 240GB SSD, 500-20 Jingdong coupons, after use also to 659 yuan, KST's flagship model, personal collections,

5, Lite-M6M 128G SSD, this salty fish received 200 pieces

6, BCM94352HMB 867M 11AC wireless network card Taobao 100

I7 3612QM power consumption 35W, IVY core 22NM process manufacturing, quad-core eight-wire, three-level cache 6M, clocked at 2.1-3.1GHz.

Secure the CPU by turning the screws on the CPU socket.

Clean the dust in the machine with a brush after installing the CPU. This will ensure that the pinhole of the CPU socket does not get into dust.

Radiator fan dust is also clean

Then on the grease

Install the radiator

Lite-M6M MSATA 128GB, this disk is nothing to say, has been discontinued, MARVELL 9187 master, 256MB cache, Toshiba A19NM MLC flash memory.

BCM94352HMB 11AC + Bluetooth 4.0, 867M 2X2 MIMO wireless network adapter, 2X2 network card is almost the best and most stable distance, the farthest performance, and INTEL AC 8265 at a level. However, BCM support black apple free drive. Lenovo's K29 has a whitelist restriction. To use non-K29-supported Lenovo FRU NICs, you need whitelist support. This can be done by swiping a 1.70 whitelist version of the BIOS. Specific Baidu "K29 latest 1.70BIOS revision, go white list validation, support aes!"

The installation is really nothing to say, K29 disassembly and installation almost without any difficulty, can be directly inserted to screw.

Kingston's DDR3L 1600 8GBX2, compatibility stability and sales are the highest products, nothing to say, is that the price is more than tens of dollars more expensive than other brands.

There is almost no difficulty in installing the memory.

Kingston's HYPER X series of SAVAGE high-end series, PS3110-S10 quad-core master, 256MB of South Asia DDR3 cache, flash memory particles for the KST package Toshiba A19NM MLC.

The PS3110-S10 hosts many homes, but the best level of firmware performance can't run Kingston.

Installing SATA SSD only requires replacing the hard disk bracket with four screws. This replacement is completely fool-proof.

Mount K29 SATA location

On a fixed screw, finish.

K29 keyboard replacement only needs to find two screws on the D case marked with a keyboard logo, down, and then push the keyboard up, you can remove.

It should be noted that the keyboard has a cable connected to the motherboard.

Push the cable clip to remove

Tmall 35 bought K29 original keyboard, really cabbage prices, replaced by THINKPAD's T420 or X220 X230 keyboard, can not run 180 dollars.

The FRU on the back of the keyboard is exactly the same.

35 days cat shipping. . . . . .

The new keyboard feels completely new.

The new blood transfusion made this notebook instantly become a beast from the old and the sick.

CPUZ information

KST's DDR3L 1600 8GBX2 is running on dual channel 1600 11 11 11 1T

CPUZ test multi-core performance equivalent to 53% of I7 6700K

CPUZ test multi-core performance is equivalent to 142% of I7 4558U

AIDA64 memory cache test, you can see I7 3612QM Rui frequency up to 3GHz frequency

Kingston's HYPER X SAVAGE 240GB SSD has nearly 1200 points. In the SATA SSD, the number of disks that can break 1200 points is too small and too small.

Only 856 points for the Lite-M6M 128GB MSATA

BCM94352HBM wireless network card 5G running full 867M bandwidth

LG LP125WH2-SLB3 IPS display

to sum up:

The biggest advantage of this K29 machine is that the conversion is completely fooled to zero. Anybody can easily replace its internal core components. There is almost no technical content, and the cost of upgrading to the top one is also relatively low. I am slightly awkward in the configuration. Based on the principle of best use of things to configure, buy an empty IPS 1000, I7 3612QM 850, 16G memory 560, an MSATA 128G 200, the original HDD 320G is still in service, plus an 11AC card 100 Yuan, 2700 yuan only, if you buy non-IPS empty aircraft back to install IPS screen, the cost will increase near 100-200 yuan, in the 2800 yuan -2900 yuan.

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