How to use quality Samsung LCD TV to know

Samsung is a multinational company with many different industries. Samsung TV is one of them. In China, there are actually a lot of users who really like Samsung LCD TVs. What about its quality? We together look.

To understand how Samsung LCD TVs, we have to analyze what advantages Samsung has.

1. Samsung has fully grasped the need for people to passively watch television to freely select programs in television production. In 2007, the first network television was launched, enabling users to enjoy more entertainment while watching TV. .

2. The R&D of technology is Samsung's biggest advantage. Samsung continues to improve its technology in TV production. With its 'Power Infolink' and 'Widget' to realize product updates, Samsung has grasped the market's dominance.

3. As the leader of global digital media and digital convergence technology, Samsung has introduced the 55-inch OLED ES9500 on the basis of improved TV production technology. With its unmatched quality, elegant and fashionable appearance and brand-new features, Samsung has received attention. This also proves the advantages Samsung TV has and the quality of its quality.

4. In Samsung TVs, LCD TVs produced by Samsung continue to move toward slimmer LCD TVs while maintaining high-definition resolution. The ultra-thin LCD screen of 40-inch LED TV developed by Samsung in 2009 has already created an ultra-thin recording of the world's LCD screens.

The advantages of Samsung LCD TVs:

1, Full HD VA panel, good picture quality, outstanding color, high contrast;

2, direct backlight backlight brightness, multimedia decoding is very powerful;

3, full HD support, 3D core image engine is very good;

4, elegant appearance, simple and stylish, unconventional;

5, the backlight uses LED light-emitting diodes, long life, and durability;

6, the number of television interfaces, rich in variety, to meet the different needs of users.

Disadvantages of Samsung LCD TVs:

1, the base is not stable, individual operation is slow;

2. There are too few screen adjustment options in USB video mode;

3, the file can not identify the multimedia file of the over-encoding rate;

4, Allshare's software is not very good, LAN is not convenient when reading the shared file on the PC;

5, the price is not high, can only be considered the general level.

Samsung LCD TV repair

When introducing Samsung TV repair, Xiao Bian mainly introduced Samsung's after-sales repair phone and repair points. Samsung TV customer service phone number is 400-810-5858. Its service time is generally 8:00-21:00 Monday to Friday, and 8:00-17:00 Saturday to Sunday. In order to learn about Samsung TV repairs, you also need to know some information about the Samsung TV warranty.

Warranty Policy: Quanguolianbao, Enjoy Three Guarantees Service

Warranty start date: The validity period of the three guarantees is calculated from the date of invoice, after deducting the time taken for repairs and no spare parts to be repaired. Three bags within the validity period of consumers with invoices and three packs of vouchers for repair, replacement, return.

No invoice warranty: Not supported

Warranty method: home repair

Consumer evaluation:

Consumer 1, Samsung's price is relatively high compared to domestic products cost-effective Samsung's price is relatively high compared to domestic products cost-effective point.

Consumer 2 and Samsung only have good display screens, and others are ordinary.

Consumer 3, Samsung's service is too bad.

Objectively speaking, domestic LCD TVs are low-priced as a killer, high-end LCD TVs are rare, and joint-venture brands take the high-end route. The price of products is generally high, but there are also low-end products. Relative quality is relatively guaranteed. Of course, successful shopping is also important for the right choice of business.

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