Toshiba Introduces DC Brushed Motor Driver IC for Industrial Devices Supporting High Current and High Voltage

Industry's first monolithic integrated circuit supports 10A output current and 50V voltage

motor driven

TOKYO — (Toshiba TOKYO: 6502) announced the launch of the single-channel DC brush motor driver IC “TB67H303HG” for industrial equipment. This product is the industry's first 1 single-chip 2 integrated circuit that can support 10A output current and 50V voltage. Mass production shipments will begin today.

Industrial equipment motor driver circuits require high output current and voltage. This makes it difficult to design a circuit that includes a single-drive integrated circuit because high currents generate heat. To reduce the amount of heat generated by each component, multiple independent semiconductors are typically used.

The “TB67H303HG” uses the latest high voltage analog process to reduce the on-resistance to 80% (0.2 Ω or less) of its previous version 3. This new integrated circuit helps reduce the number of independent semiconductor devices and simplifies application and size.

The IC also features anomaly detection to help improve the safety of high current motor drives.

Main characteristics

Drive mode

Two selectable drive modes: standard direct PWM mode or new constant current PWM mode.

High current drive

Low on-resistance (upper and lower sum) of 0.2Ω or less supports 10A absolute maximum output current.

Built-in anomaly detection

Integrated thermal protection circuitry, overcurrent detection and undervoltage lockout (UVLO) circuitry enhance the safety of high current motor drives.


Industrial equipment, banknote identification systems and other bank terminals, sewing machines and other household appliances and office automation equipment.

Main specification

Product nameTB67H303HG

Absolute maximum rating of supply voltage: 50V

Output current absolute maximum rating: 10.0A

Function control single single brush motor (forward, reverse, short brake and stop)

Other features built-in standby function

In addition to the standard direct PWM mode, you can also choose constant current PWM mode

Built-in anomaly detection function (overheat protection circuit, overcurrent detection and undervoltage lockout circuit)

Single power supply disordered power supply

Package HZIP25


· 1: Toshiba conducted the survey as of March 24, 2014.

· 2: One chip is used in one package.

· 3: Compared with "TB67H400AFTG"

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