In the post-commercial era, how to benefit from refinement?

Three years ago, commercial lighting became a “toon” for companies to compete for because of high profits. After several years of fierce market competition, commercial lighting has formed a market pattern that is led by brands such as Op, NVC, and Sanxiong Aurora.

Nowadays, commercial lighting enters the post-competition era, and the role played by light in business is becoming more and more important. The application in various sub-segment lighting markets such as jewelry, clothing, and Shangchao is more specialized and refined.

Post-business era

Commercial lighting segment specialization

In recent years, with the rapid advancement of lighting technology, commercial lighting has developed rapidly. According to institutional research data, the market size is expected to reach 35.8 billion in 2016, with a compound growth rate of 6.82%. Among them, Sanxian Aurora product manager Yao Xianqiang told reporters that as the first brand of domestic business and home lighting, Sanxiong Aurora's annual growth rate exceeded expectations, with an annual growth of about 40% in 2015.

The commercial photo market has developed rapidly, attracting more entrants and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Due to the different commercial lighting spaces used in clothing stores, bakeries and fresh shops, there are different light quality segmentation requirements, so the commercial market is developing in a more segmented and more specialized direction.

Due to the increasing professionalization of commercial lighting, major companies have also embarked on market-oriented lighting products and designs from different perspectives. On the one hand, the company continues to deepen the retail terminal market, from a pure product provider to a professional lighting solution provider; on the other hand, the market focus is constantly extended to clubs, high-end villas, large commercial complexes, high-end hotel lighting . In addition, commercial lighting products not only pursue the illumination and brightness of light, but also pay attention to the light environment including the vividness and saturation of light color.

In this regard, manufacturers have the space and opportunity to find their own positioning and breakthrough points, targeted product development, establish their own superior products and brands, achieve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and then find their own value and market space.

Enhance shopping experience with high light quality

With the improvement of people's living standards, commercial lighting, in addition to functional lighting, is the "magic hand" of space decoration, which needs to use its prominent or enhance the cultural connotation of the product or atmosphere of the commercial place.

As we all know, the ultimate goal of commercial lighting is to promote consumption. This requires the use of light quality to enhance the expressive power of the goods, so that the "magic power" of lighting stimulates the desire for consumption, allowing consumers to enjoy the senses and shopping in the physical store shopping.

According to industry insiders, the core of commercial lighting is people-oriented and meet people's needs. Because different target consumer groups have different preferences for the light environment. Therefore, the lighting design of the store should be considered from the needs of the customer base, so that the lighting design has the greatest positive effect on the mood of this particular customer group, and the goodwill of the target customer group is improved, thereby promoting sales.

For example, the lighting atmosphere required by high-end cafes and toy stores is completely different. Since the former client is an urbanite with certain spending power, it creates a leisure, luxury and concise atmosphere. The latter's consumption target is a child, in the space to build a sense of warmth close to nature, with a certain cartoon meaning.

In addition, professional lighting design needs to take into account the layout of the space, the matching of lamps, the distribution of color temperature and color, the combination of static and dynamic, the characteristics of the market, the humanization of lighting and the energy saving and environmental protection of lighting.

Today, commercial lighting has become an important driver of sales. In addition to excellent lighting design, excellent commercial lighting requires high quality LED light sources.

An excellent LED light source enhances the expressive power of light through light and light. Among them, the light sense needs to provide accurate illumination, suitable brightness and angle to produce bright and dark lighting to highlight the product; light color includes color, color temperature and consistency, try to reflect the true color of the object, and pass the appropriate color temperature Produces rich lighting effects.

Focus on energy saving and environmental protection

Intelligent lighting into a trend

In addition to the light environment, due to the large number of lighting installations in the mall, the long lighting time, the large demand for electricity, energy consumption is also a problem of commercial lighting. How to minimize the cost of energy consumption and improve the lighting effect has become its core demand. LEDs are favored by store owners because of their energy-saving and environmentally friendly features.

LED technology allows the light source to be characterized in various dimensions, such as luminous efficiency, light color quality, intensity control, color and change conversion, to create a complementary interaction between people, architecture, goods and light in the commercial space. relationship.

People-centered, intelligent lighting can better meet the "energy-saving" needs of businesses, and realize the interaction between people and light, people and goods, and people and the environment. First-line lighting manufacturers are more optimistic about the light environment and energy-saving effect created by the combination of intelligent lighting and human environment.

The three major trends of commercial lighting: customization, various commercial lighting places to pursue unconventional; intelligent, remote control, remote manufacturer services, etc.; simplification of circulation products. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the requirements of commercial lighting are also getting higher and higher. Intelligent lighting has gradually become an irreversible trend in the lighting industry. It can be directly controlled by mobile phone, iPad, etc. through WIFI, or through the Internet. Implement remote control.

With the advent of smart cities and the era of big data, smart lighting will become an important part of smart shopping malls. More and more lighting companies are focusing on “solutions”, in addition to displaying products, they are committed to using space for space. Bring new enlightenment and intelligent light control to bring fun and convenience.

On the basis of creating a consumer experience, the relationship between consumers and goods will be based more on the interaction of mobile internet terminals in the future. Lifi, navigation information and other technologies carried by light will be a new direction for business development. When the LED lamps are retrofitted and installed in the mall, modules containing U-beacon technology (LED visible light communication technology) are installed in the lamps, and each lamp will become a GPS small satellite with position coordinates, which can complete the indoor Precise positioning.

The positioning LED based on u-beacon technology not only saves energy and power, but also controls the shopping mall. It is a great change in marketing mode and shopping experience. Accurate indoor location information can optimize the management of the floor, improve the efficiency of the store staff, and better schedule and monitor.

Deep farming brand still can not be ignored

In the face of the ever-changing commercial lighting market, NVC, Sanxiong Aurora, Sidon and other companies that have taken root in business, continue to strengthen their core strengths, continue to develop new product lines, meet different levels of market demand, and further consolidate themselves. The status of the rivers and lakes.

However, after entering the LED era, commercial lighting, the individualized demand for lighting in different commercial places, the customization requirements for "product + design" are getting higher and higher. Among them, the designer channel has become an indispensable part of the LED enterprise development market.

According to survey data, the influence rate of designers selecting products on owners is basically maintained at around 50%. The designer selects the basis of the product brand, the proportion of high product quality is 75%, the proportion of cooperative brand is 72%, the proportion of moderate product price is 70%, followed by the owner's designated brand 68%, after-sales service perfect 45 %, the other 2%. It can be seen that the designer is more influenced by product quality, cooperative brand and product price when selecting products.

Under the premise of meeting the basic standards, we will select high-quality, good-quality, good-selling product brands to recommend to customers, so as to use less lights and use the principle of good lights. Obviously, if companies want to make a difference in the field of business photography, in addition to finding their own positioning and doing a good job, they must actively build brands, improve brand effects, and actively expand invisible channels.

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